Nino's Pasta Factory Manufacturing Plant


Pasta Manufacturing Plant

Krause Construction was selected as the General Contractor for Nino’s LLC. The project consisted of converting an existing 28,000 square foot masonry & steel building into a pasta manufacturing plant. This plant produces fresh pasta and quick freeze packaged pasta for retail and restaurants.

Project Scope 

The basis of this project was a 28,000 square foot renovation project which required the total demolition of the interior of the building, all mechanicals and removal of existing roofing system. The new scope of work involved all new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection utilities. The existing structural steel roof was also raised in 2 areas to create penthouses for the taller equipment. The new facility also required general offices, 2 control rooms, 2 pasta production/cook lines, a production kitchen, 2 large freezers, 2 blast freezers, a spiral freezer, several smaller coolers, drive in cooler area, 2 interior flour silos and a boiler/chiller room.


Due to the owner purchasing the pasta equipment from Italy we did not have complete drawings by the start of construction. Intense coordination was required between the Architect, Owner, Krause and the selected subcontractor contractors in order to put together a control estimate and a preliminary schedule to assist the owner with their financing and schedule. Other aspects of planning included the logistics of receiving and installing the pasta equipment from Italy.


Since the drawings were not complete, we decided to proceed with the project in 2 phases. All interior finishes, entire concrete floor along with the mechanicals were removed from the building. Also, in the first phase the exterior glazing was removed/replaced, masonry openings and infills were completed along with all structural steel revisions followed up with a new roofing to meet current energy codes.

As this work was proceeding the drawings were completed to a point where we could submit for construction permit and continue to work with the owner on the control estimate and schedule. We had sufficient info on the equipment to start the underground plumbing which included over 80 floor drains. With the extensive amount of refrigeration and freezer equipment the concrete floor could not be poured in any productive manner. This portion of the project had to be divided into many mini phases within the schedule in order to keep each of the trades involved working at all times.

Because the majority of the pasta equipment was coming from overseas there were no submittals or shop drawings received for review by Krause or our subs to provide the owner assembly and final installation cost. Krause worked with the owner’s shipping & receiving company and hired millwrights to receive and install the equipment. All of the receiving, assembly, mechanical and electrical connections of the owner’s equipment was completed on a cost-plus basis. This portion of the work required many hours of assembling detailed billing for the owner review and approval.

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