About Us

Serving Our Clients Through High-Quality Construction Services.

A Rich History of Comprehensive Quality & Expertise

For over thirty-five years Krause Construction has been serving satisfied clients throughout the Chicagoland area, including Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin.

Founded in 1984 by Daniel J. Krause, our company was quickly presented with opportunities in the Commercial, Healthcare, and Food Service industries. This rapid growth drove Mr. Krause to innovate and expand his business philosophies into a broader market which allowed Krause Construction to gradually evolve into the full-service construction company we are today

  • Hospital & Healthcare Facilities, Ground-Up & Interior Renovations
  • Retail, Industrial Facilities and Commercial Build-Outs
  • Food Manufacturing Facilities & Restaurants
  • Luxury Residences

Our Values

  • Accountability

    Accepting responsibility

  • Worker Safety

    Creating safe project environments

  • Integrity

    Committed to honesty, equity, and integrity

  • Passion

    A sense of pride and urgency in every project

  • Perseverance

    An unyielding resolve in pursuit of our goals

  • Results Oriented

    An ambitious drive to fulfill all our commitments

  • Teamwork

    Seamless collaboration across the board

  • Transparency

    Handling issues in a forthright manner

  • Trust

    A high-level of faith and reliance on one another


Experience + Team = Success

Krause Construction has established a solid reputation within the industry for providing excellent services and high quality products within budget and on schedule. Over 90% of our current, past, and upcoming projects are either referrals or a continuation of prior relationships with satisfied clients.


About Our President

Daniel J. Krause is well-acquainted with the construction industry. From a very young age, Dan worked alongside his father, Warren Krause, as he built several homes throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Dan was exposed to the building trades while cleaning job sites and shadowing his father, and eventually began to show interest in the electrical trade and estimating. This season would later prove to be foundational for Dan.

As Dan grew older, he began his electrical apprenticeship, obtained his journeyman status and then proceeded to pursue his passion for building as a contractor by founding Krause Construction in 1984.

Through the years Dan’s persistence as a contractor allowed him the opportunity to expand his work and business. The expansion led to working with hospitals and healthcare agencies and working with commercial as well as residential custom built homes. Dan’s experience and tenacity within the construction industry has provided many different experiences and opportunities. Among them is his dedication to serving as chairman of the board for The Blue Island Healthcare Foundation.