Advocate Good Samaritan Spine Center Renovation

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital Spine Center Renovation

Krause Construction was selected as the General Contractor for the Spine Center project.

Project Scope:

The scope of work for this project consisted of the renovation of a 4000-square foot existing medical exam rooms and office space on the second floor. The renovation re-organized the layout of the rooms to accommodate the adding of two new x-ray rooms, 8 exam rooms, two dressing rooms, reception, one office and two bathrooms. We addressed the requests of the staff, as well as upgrade outdated infrastructure. Krause held the role of general contractor with coordination of all construction and facilities construction requirements. The project was a full renovation of the space which included architectural, fire suppression, plumbing, mechanical, electrical low voltage and controls disciplines. The project was permitted with the Village of Downers Grove.


Planning for project was on a fast track. I well renown Spine Surgeon was hired by Advocate and we needed to get him in business making money fast! The challenges were the electrical feed required coming from the basement. The as builts were used by the engineers and drawings were totally wrong. We had to improvise and reroute the feed. Krause construction, Advocate Healthcare, and HED had multiple planning and coordination meetings prior to construction to properly address the impact of all of these issues with regards to the planning and future construction of the project. Krause fast tracked the schedule for 16 weeks.


Construction was completed on time despite the electrical feed issue and the several design changes requested by staff as they reviewed the space as it developed. Both x-ray rooms were an easy build we revised the ceiling Unistrut and worked out some MEP collisions. The construction process went well resulting in approvals from all parties as per our fast track coordinated schedule timeframes. Minimal punch-list was issued and completed. Krause opened the space for business on time and the surgeon was very happy and made several comments thanking Krause Construction at the grand opening.

Krause Construction received zero reportable incidents with OSHA and Advocate Health Care. 

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