Advocate Lutheran General I/R Expansion

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital I/R Expansion

Krause Construction was selected as the General Contractor for the Interventional Radiology project.

Project Scope

The basis of this project was a 7,000 square foot multi-phased renovation project which involved replacing existing CT equipment with an Artis Q./QZen/Zee BiPlane System.  The scope of work involved major upgrades to all mechanical, electrical and plumbing utilities required to accommodate the new BiPlane system and surrounding areas.


Due to the construction area being surrounded by an occupied radiology department; intense coordination was required between the clinical staff, contractors and hospital. Multiple detailed schedule was required for each phase of the project. Other aspects of planning included mechanical and electrical cross connections to allow for the replacement of major equipment.


We began this project by installing finished drywall construction barriers which received finish taping, painting and vinyl base. In this case; a one-hour fire rated partition was required. HEPA machines were installed and exhausted properly in order to create negative pressure. The remainder of ICRA/ILSM/ESM requirements are then completed. These items include replacing all smoke detectors with heat detectors, covering/filtering mechanicals, installing sticky mats, protecting any items not in scope and posting all required signage and documentation.

Once we created a safe work environment demolition proceeded. After demolition was completed; our first step was to complete equipment, wall and ceiling layouts. It was important that the layout take place immediately, as the equipment was placed in a specific location in conjunction with the existing structural support. After layouts took place, a careful review occurred in order to examine any discrepancies existing conditions may cause with the new layout. It was essential to confirm the drawings accurately portrayed the existing field conditions, as the floor cores for the equipment layout were very complex. Many electrical and mechanical elements required paths which intertwined equipment components including the Bi Plane Scanner, equipment floor pedestal, staff control room and equipment room. These paths exited and entered the IR Suite through floor cores; while the paths were routed through an occupied clinical area. An exact ceiling layout was vital to prove there was no disagreements between the locations of the equipment structural rails supports, and the typical MEP infrastructure required in ceilings (i.e. lights, fire protection, HVAC, etc.)

Those discrepancies are then documented, and presented to the owner and A/E in order to establish a corrective action. Discrepancies discovered as a part of this project included fire protection infrastructure located within new fire rated walls, ventilation layout issues, and clearance issues pertaining to the routing of mechanical piping. Moving forward, cosmetic upgrades were coordinated and completed not only inside the project area, but throughout the department.

Krause Construction received zero reportable incidents with OSHA and Advocate Health Care. 

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